If the employer hires non-executive employees who are required or permitted to operate motor vehicles as an integral and regular part of their jobs, chauffeur’s insurance must be paid instead of Puerto Rico Disability Insurance Tax.

Chauffeur’s Insurance Payment

Every employer must pay a tax of 30 cents weekly for each covered employee. Every covered employee must pay 50 cents weekly, which is withheld by the employer from the compensation paid to the covered employees, and remitted together with the employer’s share together with the quarterly return. The tax is to be paid quarterly on the last day of the calendar month following each calendar quarter to the Puerto Rico Secretary of the Treasury (“Secretario de Hacienda”) and must be sent together with the return to the Department of Labor and Human Resources.

Bureau of Chauffeur's Insurance
505 Muñoz Rivera Avenue
San Juan, PR 00917

The Puerto Rico Department of Labor requires every employer hiring 25 employees or more to file the quarterly payroll tax forms electronically.