The Federal Unemployment Tax Act provisions apply in Puerto Rico as well as in the U.S. The tax is imposed on persons who employ one or more individuals for a portion of a day in each of 20 weeks in the current or preceding calendar year, or who pay in the aggregate $1,500 or more of wages in a calendar quarter of the current or preceding calendar year.

FUTA Tax Rate

The FUTA tax rate is 0.6% (after a credit of 5.4% for the Puerto Rico unemployment tax) on the first $7,000 of wages paid to an employee each calendar year. No deposit is required if the tax is $500 or less. This amount should be carried forward and added to the liability figured in the next quarter to see if the employer must make a deposit. Then, in the next quarter, if the total non-deposited tax is more than $500. (including any FUTA tax carried forward from an earlier quarter), it must be deposited by electronic fund transfer. If the liability for the fourth quarter (plus any non-deposited amount from any earlier quarter) is over $500, the entire amount must be deposited by the due date of Form 940 PR (January 31). If the tax is $500 or less, it must be deposited with Form 940 PR by its due date (January 31).