Our solutions are designed for success. Our job is to help our clients maximize profits.

Perdomo Ferrer LLC has demonstrated a leadership role in providing leading-edge computer technology. We have established alliances with InternetPR.NET, a leading Internet Service Provider in Puerto Rico and PR Computer Services Corporation, which has been offering a complete range of computer software and hardware solutions since 1973.

Business Systems Solutions Provider

We ensure high-quality, full-service consulting by helping you capitalize on what makes your business unique. First, we focus on listening to define problems, and then we provide well-integrated and intelligently implemented solutions.

We view business systems as an integrated collection of the following elements:

  • People
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Technology
  • Application Software
  • Document Management
  • Workflow
  • Operations

Well-planned and well-implemented integration of these elements assist you in maximizing the return on your projected investments.

We find that most business or information problems involve a combination of these elements, and that the solutions involve a great deal more than just hardware or software solutions. In most situations where "the inventory reports are incomplete and inaccurate," or "the database is growing out of control," and even "paperwork is everywhere," or "profit margins are slipping," a business usually has a "multi-element" problem, not just technology or software problems.

With our industry expertise, we can, in some cases, complete diagnosis and design within a short period of time. Implementing a small network, including hardware and software, can be completed in fewer than 30 days. Other more complex projects with multi-location, client-server, LAN/WAN, intermixed operating systems, multi-vendor and/or custom application requirements can span longer periods of time.

Our project methodology is based on helping you solve your own problems. This process provides you with a greater understanding of your business systems and allows for improved flexibility in addressing ongoing support and maintenance.