Business-to-business e-commerce is changing how companies do business today, as well as creating new demands for solutions. Assess the market potential for existing and new supporting technologies, products and services. Use detailed analysis to get a grip on the enabling technology and deliver a strategy that anticipates the needs of your future customers.

Business-to-business commerce is fast becoming the killer app of the Internet. With our service, you can exchange documents with your trading partners over the Internet securely. Or you can open a storefront on the Web where your trading partners can:

Our E-Commerce Services Include:

  • Access product information and pricing in real time.
  • Place orders.
  • Schedule shipments.
  • Arrange the way trucks are packed.
  • Track the status of their orders.
  • And much more!

Large companies pour millions into fancy e-commerce sites, but even mom-and-pop shops can make money on the Web with a simple, no-frills site. Sometimes, all it takes to succeed is the promotional savvy to get noticed by customers. Word of mouth, postings in newsgroups, and registration with search engines may be enough to get customers rolling into your site.